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President Ram Baran Yadav declared, “I hereby annouce the commencement of the new constitution,”  addressing the Constituent Assembly on 20th of  September to officially promulgate the Constitution of Nepal 2015 by putting his signature to five copies of the new constitution. There are mix reactions over the provisions of the constitution from different sectors of the Nepalese society. Celebrations were observed across major cities in Nepal, however Terai/Madhesh based political parties are agitating against the constitution, mainly against the delineation of federal provinces, since last one month claiming the deaths of more than 40 people in different parts of the country. In this scenario, the optimism brought by the new constitution is also accompanied by the uncertainty.

Here are some Nepalese voices about the constitution.

Binod Dhakal, Guest Editor, Kutniti 

it would be wise to bring them (disgruntled forces) on board by handling their grievances

The long cherished dream of Nepali people of writing the constitution through their elected representatives has finally materialised after 65 years. The establishment of inclusive federal democratic Republic with secular character is one of the main tenets of this constitution. This constitution has almost all the characteristics of the principles of constitutionalism. As the old adage goes ‘Constitutionalism is the measuring rod of democracy’. This constitution has got all the elements of democracy like separation of power between state bodies, adult franchise, freedom of press, timely election, basic human rights etc. The proportional representation, establishment of various constitutional bodies to safeguard the rights of the marginalised has made this constitution progressive. The citizenship through father or mother has for the first time been guaranteed. As some disgruntled forces still protesting, it would be wise to bring them on board by handling their grievances. In a nutshell, despite some shortcomings this constitution would finally evolve and mature in the course of time as is the case of all democratic charters

Sandesh Yadav, South Asian University, New Delhi 

We at least have a piece of paper where we can continuously write and edit when needed.

You got something you have been waiting for years but not sure whether to mourn or to celebrate. Would have been happier if it was more inclusive, if 40 Nepalese didn’t have to die. Anyways I am still optimistic due to the flexibility of the constitution. I hope that the voices of Madhesis, Tharus, Dalits and Janajati’s will be heard soon. I am partially positive because now we at least have a piece of paper where we can continuously write and edit when needed.

Bal Krishna Ghale, Officer at NTNC-ACAP

The country is getting something after almost 70 long year and happy for that. I believe the new constitution of Nepal 2072 will push Nepal towards development and new era of modernity. Even the five fingers of single hand are not equal, likewise all demands of everyone cannot be included in constitution at a time but if all these five finger work together it gives rise to a powerful fist. Hence I request every Nepali citizens to welcome it from their parts and contribute from their side for the prosperity and development

Saurav Aryal

People want their cup of tea of their kind, I came to realize this when one Saturday morning I made tea for my family. I invited all to dining table for tea, expecting some pleasant comment and appreciation. But I was shocked when my mom rejected it saying she prefer black tea in the morning and when my father accepted it as a nice effort but pass a comment that it would be more tasty if I had added some flavor in it and my wife tasted it & put back in table and didn’t touch it again saying too much sugar. My brother and sister in law want coffee instead of tea so they refused to drink. Toddlers in family who have no idea about tea also refused to drink it because all others are denying. We fight over tea and spoiled the weekend without realizing that it can be modified according to our choices. Same time, my next door neighbor disturbed by our unhealthy discussion shouted and invited us for tea in their home. After this we realized that it is better to compromise and drink tea made by own blood rather to drink tea from others.

hope that it will be favorable to all Nepalese as it grows up

Then I realized that though the effort is nice but made without any study, results negative. I related my experience with making of constitution in our Country Nepal. I didn’t successes to satisfy my family of 8 members with a cup of tea, which are living under one roof with same religion, belief, culture and tradition and taste then how hard it is to satisfy the family member of more than 30 million with constitution in the very first attempt for the family living with variety of caste, religion, beliefs and much more differentiation.

So I am prepared to welcome our constitution with hope that it will be favorable to all Nepalese as it grows up and request all to have positive thinking and hope.


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