Editor’s Desk

Kutniti is a digital magazine which aims at encapsulating the commentaries and quality analysis on political, economic and social and other emerging issues around the globe in general and South Asia in specific. Kutniti aims at reaching audience of academics, scholars of social sciences, policy makers and commentators. It will also include interviews of the policy makers, social scientists, economists and academics to capture the first hand information and analysis. Kutniti will have contributors from South Asia and across the globe with credible background in their respective field.

Realizing the limited availability of quality digital magazine covering in depth analysis of political, economic and social issues focusing on South Asia, Kutniti is being launched. It aims at enriching the wider understanding of above mentioned issues which can be used by policy makers for informed analysis of problems and to make quality decision.

The commentaries and analysis will be reviewed at regular interval from academics, social scientists, economists and policy makers from south Asia and across the world. Along with the commentaries and analysis, the editorial board will interview the policy makers, social scientists, economists and academics to capture the first hand analysis. Kutniti will also bring out a series of short biographies of influential people in the field of literature, social activism, philosophers, entrepreneurs and innovators in south Asia. This series will be helpful in knowledge sharing among the people of South Asia.

Editorial board will do necessary fact checking and credibility of the submitted materials and publish the quality ones.

We hope Kutniti will be an influential public opinion making forum in South Asia in days to come.